Custom Fursuit Feet Paws

$430.00 - $880.00

This is a commission slot for a pair of CUSTOM four-toed fursuit paws! Our feetpaws are lightweight, comfy, and durable. Not built off shoes- we create our feet from scratch with sturdy foam and fabrics. Inside is lined, and the feet are able to be machine washed or spot-cleaned as needed (washing instructions will be included with order).

Buyer chooses:
- Size (put in order notes what size shoe you wear)
- Fur/claw/pawpad colors (put in order notes)
- Choice of flat rubber parade soles (good for outdoor use) or detailed soft fabric pawpads (makes for great photos)
- Claws or no claws (claws are soft vinyl, very durable!)

Many different colors of fur are available, but an exact hex code match is not possible. Order completion time will be around 2 months. Please contact me with any questions you may have.